“It is the purpose of the IUOE Training Association to provide training and support for trade workers, ensuring they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to meet the needs of our employers”

– IUOE Training Association Mission Statement


IUOE 115 knows that tomorrow’s potential members are just as important as today’s, not only to sustain and grow our organisation, but to improve the skill levels and economic demands of the province.

Local 115 continuously invests in training programs that meet the changing and growing needs of operators, apprentices, school-leavers, and others looking to start, refine, or broaden their career in one of the many trades we provide training for.

For more information on the IUOE 115 Training Association and the courses we offer, please email us, call on 604.299.7764, or attend one of the bi-monthly information sessions shown on the course schedule.



The IUOETA is accredited by the Private Career Training Institute Authority and our courses are designated by the Industry Training Association.



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Training Association History

Training-Crane3IUOE Local 115’s Training Association (IUOE-TA) is a non-profit society that was established in 1965 under the direction of a Joint Board of Trustees, and is a labour/management partnership whose membership is equally represented by the interests of employees and employers.

Initially, the Training Association provided skills upgrading and training to Local Union members only. Over time and due to demand, the Training Association expanded to provide a diverse array of training to members and non-members of IUOE Local 115 alike.

In 1974, a permanent Training Centre was established and today covers over 17 hectares of gravel bench lands in Maple Ridge, BC. The site is large enough for the operation of heavy equipment, simulating job site conditions and ensuring safe operating area for multiple pieces of equipment and concurrent programs.

For almost 50 years the IUOE 115 Training Association has been ensuring that tradespeople possess and constantly improve the skills needed to keep them valuable, competitive, and employed.

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Training Association Facilities

Training-CraneA significant component of all IUOE-TA programs is ‘hands-on’ training, and the Training Centre has an inventory of over 30 pieces of heavy equipment valued in excess of $3 million to meet the needs of both program standards and student learning.

All of the equipment and instructional resources have been carefully selected to enable students to develop skill, productivity, safety and quality in their work.

The 17 hectares of open land where the facilities are located is a natural source of gravel, making it ideal for operating heavy equipment.  Because of the gravel content of the soil, the property is well-drained, allowing training programs to run throughout the year. This gravel resource also provides a source material for our aggregate crusher plant. Product from this plant is utilized in the paving courses, simulating asphalt.

In addition to our hands-on machines and equipment, the Training Association has mobile computer simulation facilities. This state-of-the-art simulation software accurately represents and evaluates a user’s skills at negotiating modern equipment and varied terrain. This allows student instruction and evaluation to be conducted safely and in a controlled environment.

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Training Association Accreditation

Training Open House

Quality standards are ensured and maintained through accreditation with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency.  The IUOE-TA is an Industry Training Authority (ITA) Designated Trainer for the funded programs it delivers, as well as a WorkSafeBC Educational Partner.

In addition to the Training Centre, the IUOE-TA maintains offices in the Local Union Hall in Burnaby for administrative purposes. Staffing at both locations includes administrative and support staff, training coordinators and instructors.

The IUOE-TA currently indentures and supports over 450 active apprentices and trainees in twenty different trades, making it one of the largest training organizations in the province. Approximately 300 students receive training and upgrading annually in a wide variety of training programs, including Crane, Heavy Equipment Operator, Asphalt Laydown, Plant and Earthmoving Equipment, to name a few.

The IUOE-TA is committed to recruitment and promotion of training and apprenticeship through participation in a number of career fairs held throughout the province, as well as the Heavy Metal Rocks programs in Prince George, Kamloops and Kelowna.

The IUOE Local 115, along with the Training Association, has been a key partner with both the BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association, and the ITA in the development and piloting of the Crane Common Core, Mobile Crane Lattice Boom Friction, Boom Truck, Tower Crane, Road Building and Heavy Construction Foundation, HEO and APLT programs.

Training-Crane2The IUOE-TA is a directly engaged stakeholder in 16 trades and occupations which come under the jurisdiction of TransCDA. The IUOE-TA and Local 115 have been involved in all aspects of the delivery of training for more than 40 years and have been supporting provincial apprenticeship programs as appointed members of Trade Advisory Committees and their sub committees, the past Provincial Apprenticeship Board (including the Chair), the present ITA Board, TransCDA, the BC Association for Crane Safety, and numerous National committees including the IPSE Red Seal program.  IUOE-TA instructors regularly serve as Subject Matter Experts in as many as 21 trade areas.

Since 1985, the IUOE-TA has been the only designated training provider for the Mobile Crane Operator Red Seal program. With this unique experience, the Training Association and Local 115 understand the value of the Red Seal endorsement, and its recognition across Canada as a benchmark for the highest national standards. Operating Engineers have a long history of participating in the development of National Occupational Standards for the operation of heavy equipment. We are committed to the development of a HEO Red Seal program that meets or exceeds these national standards, ensuring an effective trade and apprenticeship program we can all be proud of.

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Training Association Courses

Training Courses

The IUOE-TA offers the following training programs:

      • Asphalt Paving/Laydown Technician
      • Plant Operator
      • Crane Common Core
      • Crane Common Core (with practical)
      • Mobile Crane Lattice Boom Friction
      • Heavy Equipment Operator/Specialized Equipment
      • Road Building & Heavy Construction (Foundation)
      • Road Building & Heavy Construction


For more information on the IUOE 115 Training Association and the courses we offer, please email us. Alternatively, feel free to drop by our offices in Haney, Maple Ridge, or attend one of the bi-monthly information sessions held at the Burnaby Office.

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Training Association Location

IUOETA SignMaple Ridge Training Centre
13401 256th Street, Maple Ridge, BC, V4R 1C9
Phone: 604-299-7764
Fax: 604-473-5237

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